Martial Arts Character Education Lesson Plans for Children

Martial Arts Character Education Lesson Plans for Children is a complete 16-Week curriculum for teaching character values and life skills in your martial art school! Written by Small Dojo Big Profits author Mike Massie, it is the exact same character education program he has used in his own studios for two decades to keep his retention rates sky-high. Find out how to become a rock star in your town - order this book for just $9.97 USD at today!

Mike Massie’s After-School Karate Program System

After-School Karate Program System

You can run a successful and profitable after-school martial arts camp – if you have the right plan to make it happen! And that’s exactly what you’ll get in this manual and the accompanying audios.

Parents Will Be Begging You to Enroll Their Kids in Your Karate Camp!

The reason?

They’re paying already to put their kids in the local drop-off daycare centers! And, guess what their kids are NOT getting there?

  • No organized physical activity – Kids basically are left to their own designs when it comes to playtime at most daycare centers. That’s why parents LOVE my After-School Karate Program, because their kids get exercise guaranteed, every single day!
  • Lack of supervision – Most of these places have very high kid-to-staff ratios. We’re talking 24 kids to one adult in some cases. And, many times these adults are teens who have little business watching kids – they’re basically kids themselves. That’s why parents love karate instructors!
  • No character development – Think they’re teaching kids life skills at the local daycare? Not on your life! That’s because most of these places make every attempt to be as vanilla and PC as they can be, so they reach the largest cross-section of population. We’re more selective and exclusive, and appeal to a very specific type of parent (I explain this in the program). That’s why being different works in your favor!

And thanks to my After-School Karate Program System… you’ll never have to struggle with finding students or paying your bills ever again!

  • No More Fighting To Find Students – Typically there are more kids than there are daycare spots… so parents will be clamoring to get in your programs each year!
  • No More Fighting To Pay Your Bills Each Month – With just a dozen kids enrolled in your After-School Karate Camp, you’ll easily pay your entire overhead on your studio each and every month!
  • No More Students Dropping Out Twice A Year! – Parents will have to have your services, all year long… and the best part is, when you limit your camp size, parents will HAVE to keep their kids enrolled – even when they aren’t in town – just to keep their spot! And they’ll happily pay you for the privilege…

Written in an easy-to-follow, Q&A format, it’ll answer all your questions and show you exactly how to start your own profitable after-school karate camp.

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